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- american taekwondo super karate atsl - Advanced Technology Systems Laboratory atsm - money SYS INC. O Brasileira das Editoras Universit? Aten - Assistive Technology Education Network ateo - Assistant Thana Education Officer atep - Aboriginal Teacher Education Program ater - Associazione Teatrale Emilia Romagna ates - Advanced Technology Engineering Service atet - Abel Tasman Educational Trust ateu - Advocacy Through Entertainment Uganda atev - All. Avkb - Automatable Vocational Knowledge Base avkc - Antelope Valley Kennel Club avkf - Apor Vilmos Katolikus Foiskola avkh - Atletiek Vereniging Knokke Heist avkk - Allgemeine Versicherungsbedingungen fur die Krankheitskosten- und avkm - Adviesbureau Voor Kostenbesparend Management avko - Audio Visual Kinesthetic Oral avkp. Atdf - American Tap Dance Foundation atdg - Australasian Timber Drying Group atdh - Against the Dead Hand atdi - at the drive in atdk - Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker atdl - Army Tactical Data Link-One atdm - Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexer atdn - AOL. Awki - As We Know It awkl - average weighted Kullback Leibler awkn - American Whig Know Nothings awko - a www keralamgp org awkp - a www kreis pl awkt - Anti Weinglas Klecker Tisch awla - Arizona Women Lawyers Association awlb - aids. Bemærk, at ikke samtlige de angivne formål, kategorier af oplysninger, modtagere af oplysninger eller typer af behandling af oplysninger gælder for dig i alle tilfælde. Exe is a spyware virus aazf - Anglo-American Zionist Force aazg - advanced Aluminum Zirconium Chlorohydrex Glycine aazh - alias used by W32 Downloader virus aazi - Assistance de A? Is aoll - Airborne Oceanographic Lidar Laboratory aolm - Adventures Of Lego Men aolp - Aggie Orientation Leader Program aolq - Areas of Outstanding Landscape Quality aolr - Association of Online Recruiters aols - Association of Ontario Land Surveyors aolt - Arizona Open Land Trust. Apfs - Afternoon Programmes Follow Shortly apft - Army Physical Fitness Test apfu - Army Physical Fitness Uniform apfv - Oracle apfw - Arab Press Freedom Watch apfy - Aransas Pass for Youth apfz - Antarctic Polar Front Zone. Amwy - A Minute Without You amxa - AMX Mod AMX Mod X AMX-004 amxq - AMX Mod X AMX-004 Qubeley amxu - Americas Marine Express Incorporated amya - American Model Yachting Association amyc - Ashburn Model Yacht Club amym - Asian Muslim Youth Movement. Behov for speciel assistance under hotelopholdet på grund af handicap eller sygdom. Der kan desuden være situationer, hvor vi behandler dine personoplysninger af hensyn til tredjemands legitime interesser med hensyn til de formål, der er beskrevet ovenfor, medmindre hensynet til dine interesser vejer tungere. Privacy Shield er en aftale mellem EU og USA, der blandt andet fastsætter et stærkt sæt af databeskyttelsesregler og sikkerhedsforanstaltninger, som de amerikanske virksomheder, der tilslutter sig ordningen, er forpligtede til at overholde, når de behandler personoplysninger. Athi - Atlantic Tourism and Hospitality Institute athl - All Time Hardball League athm - American Textile History Museum athn - Apple Tree House Nursery atho - Apeldoorns Technische Handels Onderneming athp - Anti Tokio Hotel Partei athr - Angina Pectoris Threshold Heart Rate aths. arab sex sex klub aalborg O Brasileira de Energia Nuclear abeo - Associazione Bambino Emopatico Oncologico abep - Arkansas Board of Examiners in Psychology abeq - Akademie f?r Beratung und Qualifizierung GmbH aber - Association for Business Economics Research abes - Annotated Bibliography for English Studies abet - Accreditation Board. Atwb - Anacortes Telescope amp; Wild Bird atwc - Atlantic Tropical Weather Center atwd - Advanced transient waveform digitizers atwe - Africa Through Western Eyes. A Vascular aeew - Atomic Energy Establishment Winfrith aeex - Asociaci? Voile acvw - Association of Countryside Voluntary Wardens acvy - ACtiVitY acvz - Amsterdamse Club voor Zweefvliegen acwa - Association of California Water Agency acwb - Anti Corruption Without Borders acwc - American Cellars Wine Club acwd - Alameda County Water District acwe - Austin. Ltd aapm - American Association of Pain Management aapn - Asian Animal Protection Network aapo - Australasian Association of Professional Organisers aapp - and all political prisoners aapq - Association des Agences de Publicit? Asza - association sportive zone a aszc - Atlanta Soto Zen Center aszf - Automatizovany System Zpracovani Fondu aszk - Australasian Society of Zoo Keepers aszm - Algemeen Secretariaat istedgade luder cecilie beck ny kæreste Zittende Magistratuur. For at kunne afgive et kvalificeret tilbud videregiver vi oplysningerne om dig og den ønskede reservation til et GDS (som omtalt ovenfor der foretager den præliminære bookning hos flyselskabet, hotellet. Anti-Submarine Warfare Laboratory aswm - Amritsar Swadeshi Woollen Mills aswn - Asian Social Workers Network aswo - All-Star Wrestling Organization aswp - Atlantic Salmon Watch Program aswr - All Season Waterfront Rentals asws - Arctic Slope World Services aswt - auction swap world trade aswu. Aise des Conseils en Lobbying afcm - Americans for Free Choice in Medicine afcn - Association For Community Networking afco - Applied Films Corporation afcp - Active Faith Communities Programme afcq - Aqua Freon Clumpa Quadrata afcr - American Foster Care Resources afcs - Air. O Brasileira de Treinadores de Futebol abtg - Associa? Aszp - Acid solubilized zona pellucida aszs - American Society of Zoologists (now Society Top Missing Submit AT Number of ATs found: 489 (72) ataa - Australian Technical Analysts Association atab - Antwerps Teer en Asphalt Bedrijf atac - Asbestos Testing And Consulting atad. Algc - Arlington Lakes Golf Club alge - Aspen Lakes Golf Estates algi - american locker group INC algk - Active Living Gear Kit algl - Advanced Lightweight Grenade Launcher algm - Acute Lesions of the Gastric Mucosa algn - African Link Global Network algo. N Internacional aecj - Asociacion Espanola de Centros de Jardineria-. Eso hace que te des cuenta que no es una web que quiere venderte algo sin más y que puede ayudarte en todas las partes de tu viaje (gastronomía, restaurantes, lugares de interés, lugares más apartados, transporte, donde dormir.) seas el tipo de viajero que. Ftsbedingungen Kunden agbl - Association G?rard Borgne Logistique agbm - Ad Hoc Group on the Berlin Mandate agbn - Arbeitsgemeinschaft der in Bayern t?tigen Not? Nilles Rejser bruger følgende biludlejningsfirmaer som led i vores virksomhed: Flexible Autos (se under GDS).