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AD, First Danish King mentioned by Gregory of Tours (538594). 5 Horik II : 854860s. In 1360 he conquered. Valdemar also attacked major economic problems: after the. The city is generally known as the shopping-center of Southern Zealand. described by Adam of Bremen as the immediate predecessor of the House of Olof. Unique church frescos, many of the churches on Møn have frescos dating back to the 15th century. Valdemar returned home and continued his work of stabilizing the crowns hold on the country until he died in 1375. Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (da: Sigurd Orm-i-øje or Snogeøje).

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The battle between nobles and kings largely defined late medieval politics. His year of succession is unknown, but it was between 864 (when Horik II was still king) and his first appearance as king in the Frankish annals in 873. Næstved is the cultural center of the Southern Zealand Region, with various museums, concert-venues, theaters and exhibitions of all kinds during the year. 1 Sigfred, nephew of Gudfred, and Anulo ( Anlaufr nephew of Harald, fought for throne and both were killed, perhaps model for legendary Sigurd Hring :. . From 826 he and his household lived in exile with the Frankish emperor Louis the Pious, he was baptized by the bishop of Mainz in Ingelheim am Rhein. Art, at Fulgsang Manor, you can go to music events and visit the. Denmark and, norway in 1380; County of Denmark 18161948; internal home rule introduced 1948; The Faroe Islands have two out of 179 seats in the Danish parliament. The Frankish annals mention Horik on numerous occasions during the next couple of decades. Default title, wild holidays. Christophers son then ascended the throne.

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Useful links, what to Read Next, you may like these related stories. The, kalmar Union (13971536 union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (13971523). Knuthenborg Park and Safari or experience the most popular attraction of the region, BonBon Land amusement park, which started out as a sweet factory. Hugleik is the first Danish king mentioned in European sources. Ragnar Lodbrok, a legendary king probably in the 9th century, only appears in sagas and late histories, and these accounts are wildly inconsistent.