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Patricia s Massage Therapy - Home Facebook Patricia - massage, enjoy, patricia, massages Different types of body massage treatments are designed to provide therapeutic healing and reduce the burden of modern life, helping you to maintain your health, wellbeing and energy. Priser på vores behandlinger. Hos Herlev Thaiwellness, tilbyder vi alle former for. Traditionel uden brug af olie, med brug af aroma-olier og den hyggelige par massage. Priser på massage i Herlev nær Ballerup Gladsaxe Thai massage er en god massageform, der er med til at løsne op for musklerne i kroppen, hvilket er med til at sørge for bedre blodgennemstrømning. Dette er med til at sikre, at affaldsstoffer ikke ophober sig og renser dermed ud i kroppen. Luxurious, thai Massage i Amager and Ballerup. Amagerbrogade 212A København. Evans provides chiropractic care.

Patricia massage thai massage gladsaxe - Thai

Contact Patricia, seitai Shiatsu, this system uses acupressure points, massages to improve blood circulation. Contact Patricia, neuro-Muscular, for acute and chronic soft tissue problems. Vores søde massøser byder dig hjerteligt velkommen i vores hyggelige Wellness klinik! Message, required fields are marked with. Patricia established the massage studio in 2006 and she's been taking well care of it since then. Vigorous and stimulating, Thai massage is as energizing as it is relaxing. Trauma constalation, Radim Ress 2011, mohendjodaro, Lažánky 2009, working with sexuality, John Hawken 2008. Thai foot massage stimulates these points to promote great health. You can drop by but we recommend you book an appointment by SMS or mail to ensure we have time for You when You arrive. Maseur for sport and recondition massage. Tantra is almost a word of sacred significance to me and I try to bring the sanctity to each of your massage, which I see and feel as the meeting at the highest potential female and male principles, God and Goddess. During Thai massage, a massage therapist will carefully engage the use of his or her hands, knees, feet and body weight to vigorously stretch and deeply soothe muscles with specific poses designed to effectively relax and work the kinks out of tense muscles. We offer all forms of massage from Thai/Oil to Tantra/Senses. Combination of Swedish and Esalan style. Reflex therapy school - Patakys 2005. Instead, the body is carefully manipulated into deeply relaxing stretches and poses at the hands of a trained massage therapist. Dorn method, Breuss massage - Prouzová/Púry 2005.

Patricia massage thai massage gladsaxe - Thai Massage

Come experience luxrious Thai massage in patricia massage thai massage gladsaxe Amager and Ballerup. Many illnesses are found in areas of poor blood circulation. Releases stagnation and circulates the lymph system. Patricia is not usually listed in our calendar. Her touch will be long remembered. Tantric training Sacred body, passionate spirit - John Hawken 2009/2010. Unlike other forms of massage, no oils are used during Thai massage. Massage school Refit 2004, self developement courses, soulmate, 4 years trainee by Sarita (2012- now). Sometimes called assisted yoga, Thai massage involves easing the client into various assisted stretches to deepen muscle relaxation. Healing tantric massage, bespoke classic healing massage, tells about herself. The effect is deep relaxation, renewed energy and an overall heightened sense of well-being. Contact Patricia, sensory Repatterning. Thai massage, Chakra massage, Thajsko 2008. Deep Tissue, technique releasing chronic and acute tension through deep, melting compressions and strokes to the musculature. Thai massage is performed on a padded mat on the floor and the client remains fully dressed, preferably in comfortable clothing that permits free movement of the limbs. Contact Patricia, asian Cupping, the Process is similar to acupuncture in reducing pain in specific points. Skip to content, the most experienced hands around. WE give your lifefreshing boost! We are also very close to Sundbyvester plads with many other buses such as 4A, 77 and. Rhythm like passive movement to create feeling state of grace and ease in the body that, in turn, elicits positive tissue response. You can schedule in advance your massage with her via telephone or email. By submitting this form, you confirm that you agree with our terms and conditions and that you agree with processing of your personal data according to our privacy policy. There is free parking outside and very easy access with buses 5A and 350S which stop only hundred meters from our location. Thai Massage in Ballerup, close to FDM Bilsyn / Malmparken S-train station, Industriparken in Ballerup. Behandlingerne er både til kvinder og mænd 10 turs kort, vi byder altid på en kop kaffe / the eller en kold sodavand. patricia massage thai massage gladsaxe