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For information about winter activities, please visit eskilstuna. At the zoo you have the chance to take a close look at animals such as the Asiatic lion, the Sumatran tiger, Amur leopards, giant anteaters, Komodo dragons and pygmy hippos. In the tropical Amazon house, you can see such animals as Chinese alligators and pygmy marmosets. The animals on display in the Little Zoo are not quite as exotic, but there is a significant advantage to this: children are more than welcome to pet them! The animals here include mini-pigs, alpacas, horses and rabbits. In spring and summer, the large outdoor stage hosts concerts by well-known Swedish artists. The area has a number of small companies where traditional arts and crafts items are made for sale. Flea markets and other markets are held here all year round, and the outdoor stage is used for open-air theatrical performances in the summer. While you are here, make sure to visit Restaurant Jernberghska, which serves delicious meals and is recommended in the White Guide.

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Försändelse sorterade efter: [ datum ] [ tråd ] [ ämne ] [ författare ] [ bilaga ] Armé är en ny översättning, rhpl. Fånga gärna en titt. Christian Swedish messages for rhpl.

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Armé finns museum, restaurang och guidade turer. Från juni till september hålls flera kulturarrangemang, Allsang på Grensen, opera, konserter och bilutställningar. Here you can meet the eight armed octopus as well as the dotted red shark. The most interesting point though is to out of the rocks.

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